Royal Vampire

by admin

Red, the color of love and passion, silk for the softness you still offer your love. Devoted to be together forever. The true goth love of a vampire. Skin so light it luminous the night, red lips for the lust for blood. From Royal Blood they say, other call it a curse. One thing is for sure, living forever with your true love isn’t a curse but a blessing. Being children of the night and spend infinity with romance and party’s. Showing of in noble costumes to show your wealth, the wealth infinity has gave you. What more would someone want…?   Just don’t be afraid for that first bite.

Made in: 2015
Type: Original Design
Construction Time: +/- 170 hour
Material: Silk, Ribbed Velvet, Lace, Swarofski
Underclothing: Tutu
Wig: Yes
Comfort lvl (1-10): 5
Preparation Time: 0:45

Making Off The Royal Vampire:

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