Jack Skellington

by admin

The movie “Nightmare Before Christmas” is one of my favorite Christmas movies.
Jack Skellington was on my cosplay list for some time. When Christmas was coming closer I decided to make this gender-bent. The tutu and skirt where fun to make, they just took up some time and patients. Lucky I already made the silk under burst corset, as an try-out for my new develop corset pattern. This saved me allot of time  and material costs. The jacked was the real challenge, after 4 mock-ups I finally was happy with all the shapes and line work. It’s fully lined witch makes it great for colder conventions. that just leaves a early wake up time to fix the make-up in time.

Made in: 2017
Movie: Nightmare Before Christmas
Construction Time: +/- 70 hour
Material: Fabric’s, Worbla Pearl
Underclothing: None
Wig: Yes
Comfort lvl (1-10): 8
Preparation Time: 3h

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