Best Sewing Machine for Low Costs

by admin

Last time I got a lot of questions about a great starter’s sewing machine, most questions are just “I like to start sewing but what sewing machine is the best for a low budget.
So I thought let’s dig in to it.

This is my mother’s old sewing machine, and if I mean old yes it is older than I am
I sewed my first projects on this old monster, its robust and gets the job done every time.
It only has the basics stitches and maybe because of that I learn to sew the old school way first, no fancy stitches or sewing foots. Even when I had a more modern digital machine (computer programmed) I still borrowed this monster ones in a while. Because my Digital Janome just did not had enough power to go through heavy fabrics, ore simply because it had an software error (really handy all those fancy buttons and you can’t use them because of an error)

  • So what’s important to look at when you want a good low priced machine?
  • You will need the basic stitches, straight and zig-zag
  • Button hole stitches are nice to have as well
  • So far I know all older machines had an thread tension (but to be sure check it)
  • When you buy one let a dealer do maintenance, so you know everything will work great for your upcoming projects


Old sewing machines are awesome they do what they promise and they are not expensive! Are they pretty? Hell no but who cares, nobody will see your machine when they see you wearing an awesome costume.

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