Awards / Activities

by Linny


Fighting serious health problems.
I’m try to work on costumes, commissions and projects. Sadly my health is holding me back, everything will take longer than I hoped.

  • Judge & Guest, Elfia


Working on commissions and side projects, not really active in competitions.

  • 3rd place, The Party 16
  • Judge & Guest, Abunai
  • Q&A, Anime Event Almere
  • Judge & Guest, Elfia


  • 2nd place Dutch Comic Con (best Costume)
  • 2nd place Dutch Comic Con (Duo contest, Best Costume)
  • 1st place Animecon CWM (Representative for Finals)


  • Best Cosplay Elfia
  • 1st place, Facts
  • Judge Cosplay Competition – Dutch Comic Con X-mas edition

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