Importance of Seam Ironing

by admin

The question I get a lot is “Why can’t I see your sewing seams?” (especially with skirts)
It is actually quite simple, but it takes time and some trial and error. To start I always lock off my single pattern pieces so they won’t unravel while I work with them, or later on when I wear the clothes.
When I’m sewing my Iron is always on and standby to help me.  After sewing 2 pieces together go to your ironing board and press open your sewed seam. (don’t try to over do it by sewing  to many pattern pieces together, especially if the patterns are small)
That’s just about it, your seams are almost invisible and the fabric won’t fold to the inside any more as shown in the first picture. The second picture is after ironing open the seams…. almost invisible.

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