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Mimikyu started out as a joke among friends “Just make an easy to wear cosplay!” Friends tell me that I spent way too much time on doing my makeup. And that I look so uncomfortable at cons when I wear my bigger cosplays. Well maybe they were right….. So I thought a Pokémon cosplay would be cute and comfortable to wear at a con.

I always had a weak for Mimikyu. Therefore picking a Pokémon wasn’t that hard. (Don’t worry there are still plenty of Pokémon cosplay’s on my list.) Mimikyu is a great cosplay that makes talking with friends and meeting new people easier, because it is so comfy. One of things that really helps is the fact that I can actually sit while wearing the cosplay. Another thing that makes Minikyu really comfortable are the eyes. The eyes in the Hoodie are see-through so I can see where I’m going on the convention floor. And If I am tired of wearing the hoodie I can always take it off.

Made in: 2018
Game: Pokémon
Construction Time: +/- 40 hour
Material: Linen, tricot
Underclothing: Corset
Wig: no
Comfort lvl (1-10): 10
Preparation Time: 0:40

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