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I think Mavis is a joyful character and I love the Hotel Transylvania movies. Besides that, the new movie of Hotel Transylvania is coming out this summer (2018) , so I could not stop myself from cosplaying her. Mavis is also one of the first comfortable cosplay I have ever made.

So I decide to give myself a 4 day cosplay challenge and build her just in  4 days before the event. I tried to stream most of it on my twitch channel so my friends could support me while I was power crafting Mavis.

This is what my stress schedule looked like:

Monday – Making Patterns. Tuesday – Fabric shopping and sewing the dress. Wednesday – Styling the wig. Thursday – Finishing the wig, making the gloves and hand paint the tights.

Made in: 2018
Movie: Hotel Transylvania
Construction Time: +/- 30 hour
Material: Fabric’s, Tights
Underclothing: None
Wig: Yes
Comfort lvl (1-10): 10
Preparation Time: 1:00

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