• Interview with Elfia

    by admin

    September (2019) I started an interview series with Elfia, to take a look behind the costumes. I always love to go to Elfia and judge there costume contest. For me …

  • There are two types of commercial sewing machines, digital and analog. But what is the difference? Do you need all those functions? Is it worth the price difference for you?

  • Easy Ponytail Tutorial

    by admin

    Step by step an easy and fast way to make a ponytail on a wig. Using a wig net from a clip-in ponytail and leftover worbla. make it stronger than …

  • Importance of Seam Ironing

    by admin

    How to make your seams almost invisible and avoid that ugly ditch in a seam-line. When I’m sewing my Iron is always on and standby to help me. It is …

  • Attaching worbla to fabric

    by admin

    While working on my Diablo 3 Monk cosplay I needed to attach worbla armors to my fabric. check the full video tutorial to find out what my trick is

  • Making your own Bias tape

    by admin

    Making your own bias tape is a relative simple way to finish your costume, it gives a fancy look. The best part is that it matches the fabrics you have …

  • Last time I got a lot of questions about a great starter’s sewing machine, most questions are just “I like to start sewing but what sewing machine is the best …

  • What to do when you want to make a very wide hem but your special sewing machine foot only goes to 4 cm? there is a cheap solution most people …

  • Easy Needle Storing

    by admin

    For almost every fabric you got a special needle, like for stretch or leather. In the past I had the problem that I got a lot of used / blunt …

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