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I’m cleaning out my closet and I decided to sell my Mercy Valkyrie cosplay from the game Overwatch. This cosplay is handmade and worn 3 times at conventions.
Size is 36/38, for a slimmer look you could wear a corset underneath.
The cosplay can be seperated to fit in a large suitcase for travels. most atatchments are made with velcro, magnets and a lockingpin for the wings.
I throw in the probs for free since they have “convention damage” (willing to fix them in consultation).

Materials: lam – , cow – and goat leather, 3d print weapons, light waight foam.

What you get:

  • trousers, leather
  • under dress, leather
  • under shirt, cotton
  • chest armor, foam and fur
  • arm armor, foam, leather, fur
  • leg armor, foam
  • wing harness, under clothing, leather
  • back shield with wings, feam and magnets
  • helm, feam and magnets
  • belt with sword’s, foam and leather
  • shoes size 39, leather with gems
  • wig, with shoulder lock so it won’t slip
  • staff, leather handel, 3d print top with magets
  • gun, 3d print

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Shipping at own risk

Shipping at own risk

Colors may varriate cuz of display settings

Colors may varriate cuz of display settings


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