Grand Fin Ears

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These Grand Fin Ears are Handmade. So every set is unique.

The Grand Fin Ears are attached on a custom made flexible headband with an adjustable elastic that makes them ready to wear for every head shape. (you can also brush your hair over the headband so it will be invisible)
They are super comfortable, lightweight and have room for you’re ears (wont cover the ears), so you can hear as clear as always.

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  • Made to order, it takes about 2 weeks till shipping the product.
  • Sent a note for  a custom color of the Grand Fin Ears
  • 100% (swimming pool) water resistance, let air dry
  • prepaid with attachments for the Grand Crown
  • !Grand Crown is not included!

Additional information

Color Bones

Gold, Silver, Bronze, Custom + €10,-

Color Skin

Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow, Custom + €10,-


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