Jack Skellington

The movie “Nightmare Before Christmas” is  one of my favourite Christmas movies.
Jack Skellington was on my cosplay list for some time, when christmas was coming closer I decided to make this genderbent. The tutu and skirt where fun to make, they just took up some time and patients. Lucky I already made the silk under burst corset as an try-out for my new develop corset pattern, this saved me allot of time  and material costs. The jacked was the real challenge, after 4 mock-ups I finally was happy with all the shapes and line work. It’s fully lined witch makes it great for colder conventions. that just leaves a early wakeup time to fix the make-up in time.

Made in: 2017
Construction Time: +/- 70 hour
Material: Fabric’s, Worbla Pearl
Underclothing: None
Wig: Yes
Comfort lvl (1-10): 8
Preparation Time: 2:30