Hello my name is Linny, Linny l’a Vanté

Early on starting out in this crazy life the energy of creativity flowed trough my veins. Even before I could start developing the skills and creativity needed, I started feeling the burning desire to create. The age of 7 felt like an appropriate time to start letting the magic happen. It started out working a sewing machine at this early age to craft squire bags and other miscellaneous and easy items. Eventhough making jewelry took up most of my spare time; I could spend days with wire and beads. At age 19 I discovered the wonderful world of fantasy and all the creative costuming around it, that discovery has changed my life for good!

This was the kick off of a new hobby that quickly turned out to be my real passion. At this point I started learning the hard way, using patterns and making lots of mistakes in the process. My first big creation has been the “steampunk nurse” outfit. Being a bit of a perfectionist it takes a lot of effort and attention to detail in order to be proud and satisfied about my own work. This has driven me to the level of quality I hope you guys and gals expect from me by now. It didn’t come easy.

Since then I have been trying to learn and make something different each and every time by experimenting with new materials and different techniques. My first encounter with Cosplay has been in 2014, another adventure to give my love and passion to.

Ofcourse a girl has to make a living and because the costuming and cosplay isnt ment to pay all the bills there is a need for an other profession. After graduating I could call my self  “Chemical Laborant” and started my professional career in 2011. I enjoy it but my passion lies elsewhere as you all can see on this page.

Thanks for visiting my site!


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