Monk, Archon

by Linny
The gods are in all things. And everywhere, I see signs of change. The wind bears an unnatural chill, and my people grow uneasy. Now, fire burns the sky and scorches the vault of the heavens. I must carry out the will of the Patriarchs. When they need to see, I am their eyes. Where they wish to strike, I am their fist! When they would ignite the light of truth, I am their torch. They have sent me to where the heavenly fire has fallen. My mind is clear.

Made in: 2016
Game: Diablo 3
Construction Time: +/- 254 hour
Material: Silk, Leather, Worbla, Foam
Underclothing: None
Wig: Yes
Comfort lvl (1-10): 4
Preparation Time: 2:10

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