Corset Workshop

by Linny
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Due to my deep passion for Corsets I have spent alot of time developing my own skills and patterns. Starting with my first corset in 2009, I have mastered the art of Corsets the hard way with allot of trial and error. Because of all those years I tackled allot of problems that a beginning sewer could make and found my own solutions for it.
Cosplay’s and Original Costumes are stronger when you start with a good basic. I’ll show you the difference between a costume with and without corset, even when you don’t see the corset it still shapes the basic forms of your costume.
I will explain the basics of corset making, best materials to use and finding / slightly edit a basic pattern (advansed onely).

I offer this workshop as a beginners presentation (1 hour). If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact me.

If you are interested in inviting me, please leave me a message.

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