costume sale

[:en]With pain in my heart I’m selling some of my costumes.

This for 2 reasons:
– I want to make new costumes but at the moment I cant buy all the materials I need for them.
– I need the space to store my upcomming projects.

So maybe this way we can help each other. You will be proud owner of a new costume / prob, and you help me with making new costumes.

This is what I can offer to you:[:nl]Met pijn in mijn hart verkoop ik een aantal van mijn kostuums.

Dit om 2 redenen:
– Ik wil nieuwe kostuums te maken, maar op het moment dat ik kan niet alle materialen die ik nodig heb voor heb te aanschaffen.
– Ik heb de ruimte om mijn aankomende projecten op te slaan.

Dus misschien kunnen we op deze manier elkaar helpen. U zult trotse eigenaar worden van een nieuw kostuum / prob, en U helpt mij met het kunnen maken van nieuwe kostuums.

Dit is wat ik u kan bieden:[:]

  • Can be worn by man and wommen! Steampunk medic (left male in the pictures) Trousers wide 92 cm, cow leather belt system, booz bottle, tools, bags and welding goggles. (without…

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  • Snow Fairys (worn twice) Female Snowfairy: Dress size 36/38, with underdress, petticoat, bag, prob and crown. (dress is wadded and great for colder weather) Without hoop skirt Large fairy wings…

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  • Necromancers (worn twice) Male Necromancer: Size 38/40, shoes size 42 Made out of canvas, cotton and cow leather with deer skulls, feather, bones and chains. incl. stick (without rabbit fur…

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  • Gypsy Costume (worn twice) Size 36/38 Handmade Headband, top, Corset body (plastic boning, missing 1 bone), underskirt, two wrap hip bands, peacock feathers, shoes (size 39), necklaces, hip coins and…

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  • Pruple Lolita (worn ones) Size 36/38, taille size can be adjusted withthe back lacing. Shirt with cute lace details and ruffles high waist skirt, incl. matching umberlla. (without petticoat) Contact…

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  • Spring Fairy Couple Costume (worn ones) Male size 38/40 white suit, incl. stick (is missing some gems) Female dress size 36, incl. light ball, tiara and chocker (without hoopskirt, wig…

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