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Act Dutch Comic Con 2017

by Linny
Soo cool to see the act of last Dutch Comic Con, this is where CaptainGhostly Cosplay and I won the “Best Costume” prize in the duo competition.

It was really hard to find a fitting act because or costumes are not that easy to move in and the characters hardly met in the game itself. Specially knowing Imperius really hates “The Nephalem” (me) in game.
So I chose to scramble with all Imperius his voice lines and made a game story line. while I Recorded my own voice lines using the lines of Tyrael, of his conversations he had with his brother.

Hope you guys like it as much as I do, I really spent allot of time practising my timing and moves.
Not forgetting a big THANK YOU to Yavannah Pelgrim who recorded the whole act and was so kind to sent it to me :*



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